The Gift of Prophecy - Understanding the Operation of the Spirit

Published: 22nd June 2010
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Prophecy is basically a prediction expressed under divine intervention. To prophesy is to reveal through the anointing and divine guidance of the Holy Spirit, the third person in the Trinity. Hence, anybody motivated by the Spirit of God can prophesy or preach the Word of God.

The Gift of Prophecy is one of the three distinct levels or spheres of prophecy. The other levels are the Spirit of Prophecy and the Office of the Prophet. Therefore, if you mull over prophecy and prophesying, you must differentiate between these 3 levels to know exactly what level or sphere of ministry is operational. Otherwise, you may simply mistake one level for a different one and misinterpret the functioning of the Spirit.

The Gift of Prophecy is a medium to utter to the body of Christ, to inspire, enlighten and to be perceptive of God's will. If you have experienced Jesus Christ and are made full with the Holy Spirit, you can be utilized by God to deliver a sermon.

To be employed in the prayer of the Gift of Prophecy, you have to foster the growth of a prayer life. When you devote yourself to prayer, you will gain knowledge of heeding the voice of Almighty. When you get used to hear God's voice, you will make out when He renders you a foretelling to mouth.

In order to be utilized in the Gift of Prophecy, you should have acquaintance with God's voice. The Bible or Holy Scripture will educate you about the omnipotence of God and spirit of God. The Bible shows us direction for leading a life that is gratifying to Him. When you are part of the Gift of Prophecy, it is affirmed by God's voice.

Conceding to the Holy Spirit is indispensable. Most of the time if you have under no circumstances been utilized in the Gift of Prophecy, you might make an effort to dismiss His existence, anticipating it will god away. When God wishes to bring somebody into the Gift of Prophecy, the Holy Ghost will keep on motivating them, till they are compliant.

The next issue is about the timing of delivering a prophecy. It is generally delivered all the way through or at the conclusion of a time of worship. God will provide you a place or a break in the service to deliver the divination. Normally, there is a time period of silence at the finish of a worship chant where everybody is gently admiring and giving thanks God. The Gift of Prophecy must act in a state of proper readiness.

You have to reprimand the spirit of fear. Fear comes to the fore often when you are ready to render a prophetical Word of God. The evil spirit does not desire God to be heeded or praised. Say the evil spirit to be quiet, and that you are abiding by God's voice.

You need to open your mouth and say: When God is striking you to deliver a prophetical message, you do not receive the entire message at once. You may receive one or two words or a line of the message that God wishes you to preach. Start to speak up those few words and the remainder will commence to pour through you.

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